GE: TransPort PT900 Portable Flow Meter Platform

Turning process control data into operational health and efficiency.

GE Measurement and Control wanted to understand the opportunities for creating a more unified user experience across its portable ultrasonic flow meter products which was composed of devices, peripherals and fragmented digital solutions.


Essential facilitated a dialogue among key stakeholders to rationalize expectations and conflicting requirements. This activity was the foundation for global user experience research to understand the unmet needs, goals, and workflow opportunities of internal and external global partners and customers. Through this global study, Essential uncovered a range of user driven insights, design requirements, and business rules to drive the development of a next generation flow portables platform. Key recommendations included hardware and software that aligned data flow and connectivity that anticipated the shift to emerging younger, tech-savvy field engineers. improved digital user experience.


Leveraging research insights as well as best practices in user interface design, Essential established critical workflow improvements in the design of a new wireless touch screen tablet interface. Using rapid prototyping with wireframes for key tasks and testing with users to better refine the user experience through a workflow perspective, Essential was able to more quickly glean insights and refine the interface. Simultaneously, Essential created richly branded screens and focused on the more graphical elements of the experience to extend and understand the visual brand language. Essential created a visual system to use as a toolkit in the likely event that the UI would scale with more features and functionality.


The resulting touch screen interface simplifies process set-up and measurement workflow, increases the ease of use and learnability of the meter, and is structured in such a way to enable the use of both basic and advanced functions without overwhelming the user. Launched as part of the PT900 Flow platform, the new user interface has successfully reduced set-up and measurement time from one hour to under 13 minutes. This key performance metric and enhanced usability of the interface has instilled a new level of user confidence and productivity in the field.