iRobot: Roomba

Developing a robotic control app for the Roomba 900.

Partnering with iRobot, Essential has created the industrial design language and UX across Roomba’s 700, 800 and 900 product platforms. While the 700 and 800 series products use a combination of physical interfaces, the 900 series consolidates most control features into a Wi-Fi and cloud connected mobile app.

This expansion from physical interfaces to app-based interaction allows users to clean, schedule, personalize, and control their Roomba remotely. Centering the UX around the iconic “Clean” button, the primary shared physical and digital interaction point conveys the simple “press and go” philosophy.

The Roomba platform has been one of the most successful consumer robots in the world and also became one of the top-selling vacuum cleaners in key international markets with sales of more than 10 million units worldwide.

Essential saw this as a forerunner to IoT product and service platforms that support the implementation of IOT technologies, and enable richer consumer product experiences. We continue to build on our knowledge base with a variety of IoT applications in the consumer, commercial, and healthcare industries.