iRobot: Roomba

Creating a multi-generational design platform for Roomba.

Essential partnered with iRobot to create a design language that elevates the visual sophistication and perceived quality of the Roomba floor-cleaning platform to better reflect current consumer expectations for an advanced home appliance. The industrial design language and user experience have been applied across Roomba’s 700, 800 and 900 series products.

Essential also developed an approach to the user interface built around an iconic “Clean” button. This tactile interaction point results in a simple “press and go” philosophy that helps demystify perceived complexities associated with robotic products.

While the 700 and 800 series products use a combination of physical and capacitive touch interfaces, the 900 series consolidates most control features into the iRobot Home App. This transition from physical to app-based interaction allows users to connect and clean or access the iRobot network of support from anywhere.

The original Roomba 700 series products became the top-selling vacuum cleaners in key international markets with sales of more than 7.5 million units worldwide. The new Roomba 700 series has become the best-selling vacuum cleaner in its price range in Japan with its success attributable to the new design language.