iRobot: Scooba® 450

Uncovering and designing new experience opportunities for a next-generation wet floor-scrubbing robot.

iRobot partnered with Essential to uncover opportunities for the design and development of the next generation Scooba- the wet-floor cleaning companion to the Roomba. Essential began by leading in-home ethnographic research, and investigating the problems, needs, and attitudes that accompany wet-floor cleaning. The team focused on a number of important usability issues around product interaction and the management of user-serviceable parts. Research also included the evaluation of feature-based prototypes through a protocol that focused on user tasks. The findings helped reveal new opportunities for better communicating Scooba’s benefits.

Essential worked closely with the iRobot team to integrate these core findings in the development of key interaction principles, product architecture and industrial design. These design and interaction improvements included a color-coding methodology for intuitive accessibility and maintenance of the robot’s dual compartment water tank, cleaning head, brushes, and floor squeegee.

Launched globally in 2012, the Scooba 450 is now a core part of iRobot’s portfolio of wet and dry floor cleaning products.

RED Dot Award Winner 2014