Customer Experience & Service Design

We develop services as multi-channel brand experiences that empower people in meaningful ways and deliver value for both the user and company.

Ecosystem Design Thinking

To understand components, relationships, and dependencies, we map the ecosystem in which a service exists. Using design thinking techniques, we generate ideas to explore in stakeholder research activities.

Research, Analyses, Insights, Design Criteria

Using exploratory research techniques, we gather qualitative data, analyze findings, highlight insights, and create actionable design criteria for more valuable, immersive, and differentiated solutions.

Concepts & Mapping

Our deep understanding of user need is illustrated in comprehensive and descriptive experience maps. Based on those understandings and concept development work, we illustrate alternative solutions in prescriptive maps featuring detailed concepts for multi-channel touchpoints.

Experience Prototyping & Testing

Leveraging our technical expertise in digital and physical design prototyping, we build and test our concepts with real users in real and virtual environments to make what was intangible, tangible. Our expertise in usability engineering brings rigor and results in clear direction for development activities.

Service Blueprinting

We illustrate the end-to-end customer experiences in service blueprints to specify each interaction, touchpoint, front-stage action, back-stage action, and the support technologies required to deliver the intended offerings as they unfold over time.

Delivery System Design

We help shape cross-company understanding of the new service model, plan organization processes, and aid in implementation.