Our Team

We have the superpowers of a large firm and the dedication and flexibility of a focused team. We’re a unique mix of curious and accomplished researchers, strategists, designers and engineers. We’re also children and parents, introverts and extroverts, leaders and teammates, creators and users of every imaginable product and service, and partners with the biggest companies and smallest start-ups. We become part of your team and work with you like our existence depends on it – because it does.

Felicia Chancy

Studio Administrator

Jason Cooper

Design Manager

John Devlin

Director of Engineering

Josh Diesel

Design Researcher

Bill Hartman

Partner, Innovation Strategy

Evan Hutker

Senior Designer

Margaret Jacobi

Principal Designer

Tara Kovalik


Taehak Kwon


Ashley Legg

Senior Designer

Lauren Lu


Mark Matthews

Senior Designer

Kurt Maw

Principal Engineer

Peter McNulty


Sonya Mead

Director of Digital Experiences

Juli Miller

Principal Designer

Naz Mirzaie

Senior Designer, Innovation Strategy

Tammy Newman

Business Manager

Chris Parlato

Principal, Innovation Strategy

Leahanna Savain

Marketing Specialist

Scott Stropkay


Shawn Torkelson

Director of Business Growth

Richard Watson


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