Our Work

We have a broad accumulation of experience partnering with world-class brands to develop innovative customer experiences, products, and services. Our clients range from startups to Fortune 500 companies that span across the healthcare, medical device, consumer and industrial sectors.

Bearpac Medical

Putting control in the hands of the patient.


The financial trading desk of the future


Giving HVAC a second wind

TeakOrigin: Nutritional Intelligence

What's Beneath the Surface

Guide Beauty

Artistry Made Easy


Rowing Reimagined

Coravin: wine preservation system

Changing how the world drinks wine

Design Thinking Workshops

Helping teams collaborate and align

Neurala: Brain Builder

Simplified UX for smarter machine-learning

Wearable Data

Blurring boundaries between people and devices

Aethon: Hospitality Robot

Robots at your service

Kopin: Solos

Heads-up and hands-free

Privoro: Privacy Guard

Digital protection for your smartphone

Molecular Health: Patient Portal

Visualizing precision medicine

Shure: Beta181 Microphone

The Swiss army knife of drum mics

Neurala: AI Website

Illustrating the Power of AI

Philips: Patient Interface

Breathe easy

Shure: SE Earphones

Hear only what you want

Brown-Forman: Woodford Reserve

Defending the top shelf


Telling a business model story

Philips: Ambient

The retail experience of healthcare

GE: Portable Flow Meter

Improving Operational Efficiency

Altec Lansing: InAir 5000

Audio in the wireless world

Owens Corning: VentSure Ridge Vent

Installing innovation

Moen: Experience Design

Creating differentiated experiences

Puma: Inspiration

Envisioning design and material technology possibilities

Legrand: Adorne

Why switch style?

Legrand: Innovation Strategy

Defining new opportunities

Healthcare Service Design

Next-generation care experiences

Legrand: Digital Design Resource

Managing digital assets

New Objective: PicoChip Line

Plug-and-Play Precision

Puma: Outsole Technology

Sports lifestyle tech

inTouch Health: RP-VITA

Transforming healthcare delivery

Jarden: FoodSaver

Establishing new workflow and design consistency

Drug Delivery

Defying convention within a compliant process

Altec Lansing: Consumer Audio

Understanding the role of music in our lives

Idexx Labs: Catalyst Dx Chemistry Analyzer

Multi-patient diagnosis management

Fishman: Aura

Your Aura, center stage


Operating efficiency

Design Languages

What are your products saying about you?

DELL: Power Edge

Enterprise strength

DELL: ATG Series

Technology fit for the road warrior

Technology Commercialization

Engineering a foundation for success

Zink: Technology Platform

Printing disruption

Crown: Service Design

Informing a service strategy for fleet management

Shure: Axient

Networking sound for a complex wireless world

Better Rest Solutions: SoClean

Removing obstacles to sleep therapy

US Government: Federal Biosurveillance Ecosystem

Predicting infectious global disease outbreaks

AARP: Lifetuner.org

Solving money matters for a new generation

Robot Futures

Designing the rules of engagement

Educational Measures: Data Visualization Dashboard

Giving data direction

Instron: Bluehill Universal Software

Simplifying materials testing

Hydroswarm: Underwater Drone

Expressing a Company's Vision

Lexicon: I-O Desktop Recording Series

Pro performance driven home


Socializing well-being

Shure: KSM8 & KSM9 Microphones

Developing DNA for the family

Zink: Smart App Printer

Inkless crafting

DELL: ECommerce Experience Design

Customer journeys and personas