Crown: Service Design

Engaging with global distribution operations informs a service strategy for lift truck fleet management.

A global leader in materials handling systems and logistics, Crown constantly seeks new ways to make distribution operations safer and more efficient. To better understand customer goals and next-generation opportunities for Crown, Essential provided research expertise including global site visits, stakeholder interviews, and co-creation sessions. This research identified important dependencies between workflow, organizational strategy, and software compliance. And it pointed to opportunitiesĀ for system design, onboarding of user groups, and change management methods to achieve better outcomes more quickly.

In a follow-up program, Essential helped Crown clearly understand fleet maintenance practices. Empirical evidence fromĀ sites produced a visualization of current task flows and illustrated the magnitude of maintenance responsibilities and the financial implications of equipment downtime and service costs, as well as the opportunity cost of lost productivity. This consolidated view enabled Crown to focus its innovation agenda on the most meaningful variables. Study outcomes also showed opportunities for Crown to enrich its customer relationships, through partnerships and turnkey services.