Neurala: Simplifying and Communicating the Power of AI

How an interactive web experience helped to communicate the complexities of an award-winning, patented Artificial Intelligence platform.

Challenge: Increase online engagement by creating an engaging and informative website experience
Neurala approached Essential Design with a two-pronged challenge. First, they needed help communicating the unique value of their complex Artificial Intelligence (AI) software in a crowded market. Second, they wanted to improve visitor engagement on their existing website. They teamed up with Essential to create a digital experience that would educate and engage visitors, and effectively convey why Neurala is the best AI software on the market.

Approach: Tailor the website to accommodate and engage different user groups
In a workshop kickoff, the teams identified the main audience groups that visit Neurala’s website. Essential then examined the current site architecture to determine where visitors were getting lost and where important information was getting buried. Applying wireframing, information architecture, visual design, and graphic design expertise, Essential presented a simple, intuitive system architecture that easily guides different users to the content they are interested in.

Solution: A clear website architecture with interactive and informative graphics that convey Neurala’s value
To make the concept of the AI software less abstract and more approachable, Essential created an interactive solutions area where visitors can explore real-world use cases. To differentiate Neurala from competitors and articulate its value proposition, the homepage was structured around testimonials, notable clients and key media highlights. Engaging graphics guide users through the page, highlighting important details and grouping information into digestible pieces. New marketing language likens the complex concept of building neural networks to the act of building a brain. Finally, helping to translate the “brain building” metaphor into a tangible, interactive experience, the Essential team then informed the user interface design for Neurala’s new software-as-a-service (SaaS) platform, the Brain Builder.
Impact: An easily navigable web experience that is more engaging, interactive and compelling to future buyers
Neurala’s website was launched in May 2018, and the Brain Builder was released in July 2018 – both to positive reception from the AI community.

Here is what Crystal Typermass, Director of Marketing at Neurala, had to say:

Thank you is the least I can say for all of your team’s incredible hard work and thoughtful approach to not only designing a clean and beautiful site, but a functional one. One that takes into account the best experience for our users and is backed by a strategic understanding of Neurala’s customer and our company goals. While we were working on a very condensed timeline, your team took the time to dig a level deeper to truly understand our value so our site would reflect that ethos.

Excluding internal traffic, a look at our Google Analytics 24 hours after launch has shown decreased bounce rate down 1.3% and decreased exit rates by 6.7%.

I’ve been hearing nothing but positive comments about our site. A Forbes Council Member first called the site beautiful and also chock full of information. A Harvard Business Review writer told me “I get what you guys do now.”

I feel you’ve taken our company to the next level. The site looks like an enterprise AI solutions company. Thank you for truly being the brains behind the brawn.

Explore the Neurala site and Brain Builder here.