Neurala: simplified UX for smarter machine learning

How an intuitive user interface and powerful image tagging tools led to more efficient machine-learning.

Challenge: Create an easy-to-use data tagging interface and workflow
Neurala approached Essential Design to create an image tagging software user interface to improve their artificial intelligence engine known as Brain Builder. The goal of the user experience was to simplify the repetitive process of tagging images and building intelligence in the user’s custom datase or “Brain”.

Approach: Tailor the software to support image tagging in the easiest way possible
In a series of working sessions, the Neurala and Essential teams defined the core vision for the software and identified the primary user personas. Essential began an iterative cycle creating concepts, diverging on features, converging on solutions, and meeting to downselect to viable concepts. Quick, iterative testing with loyal users helped evolve and drive the design refinements.

Solution: A clear and intuitive user interface for the AI engine
One of the biggest challenges in expanding a Deep Neural Network is the cumbersome process of building datasets through detailed image tagging. Most AI applications require thousands of images to be tagged, and, since data tagging cost is proportional to the time spent tagging, this step alone often costs tens to hundreds of thousands of dollars per project. Brain Builder boasts an intuitive user interface with a complete set of image tagging tools aimed at making the tedious task of tagging images more effective and less arduous.

Impact: Quicker and more effective image tagging to create more efficient machine learning
Brain Builder’s streamlined data tagging process allows users to easily upload, annotate, and organize their own images. Through industry agnostic technology, Brain Builder is a cost-effective, centralized data preparation tool that enables fast and accurate creation of large quantities of data for DNN training and allows companies to rapidly prototype AI solutions.