New Objective: PicoChip Platform

Simplifying laboratory test setups so scientists can spend more time discovering the next big breakthrough.

From researchers looking for a cancer cure to clinicians screening for metabolic diseases, scientists are increasingly using Electrospray Ionization (ESI) to analyze and identify biological molecules using a fine aerosol of ionized molecules at high voltages. While popular with academics, the fragile, complex, and laborious nature of setting up ESI analyses has limited its commercial adoption.

New Objective was seeking to change that when they tapped Essential to collaborate on developing a new platform of products that streamline the ESI setup process and produce outstanding analytical performance at an affordable price. The PicoChip system consists of two parts: cartridge-style consumables that internally manage microfluidic paths and high-voltage electrical connections and durables that provide accurate and repeatable positioning of cartridges.

The product line integrates complete forward and backward compatibility between PicoChip product lines and delivers maximum flexibility with minimum capital investment and setup time.

Our design and engineering teams led the development efforts from product definition to production pilot builds. Essential’s emphasis on production manufacturing methods to optimize cost, our extensive use of manufacturing tolerance analysis to improve precision, and our constant focus on the end user allowed us to create several generations of products with increasing levels of functionality that meet the needs of a growing market.