Owens Corning: VentSure Ridge Vent

Creating a benchmark product to catapult Owens Corning in the roofing systems market.

Owens Corning is a respected manufacturer of residential roof shingles that had been less competitive in the market for complete roofing systems solutions. Owens Corning initially met the system need by offering underlayments, flashing, passive ventilation products, and more, through private label channels. But they recognized that to secure market leadership, they needed to become an innovation leader in roofing systems.

Owens Corning tapped Essential to help provide a comprehensive understanding of the residential roof ventilation market with key stakeholder groups of all kinds and leverage those insights to design and engineer a best-in-class vent that would help set them apart as the system solution choice for roofers.

Essential’s innovation strategy team led ethnographic research studies in several regions of the country to understand needs, expectations, motivations, and perceptions that influence the market from distribution to installation and create a solid roadmap.

Armed with a first-hand understanding of the features that are critical to each stakeholder group, Essential’s engineering team developed category-leading solutions and engineered the final product. The market success of Owens Corning’s VentSure 4-Foot Rigid Vent has confirmed what Essential’s research suggested – with a great roof vent at a competitive price, contractors will eagerly embrace Owens Corning as the industry leader of complete roofing systems.