Shure: SE Earphones

Developing the best-fitting, best sounding, sound-isolating earphones that musicians demand and consumers love.

Musicians have long trusted Shure SE Series sound-isolating earphones to accurately control the mix of instruments and vocals they hear while performing on stage. These high-quality, in-ear monitors also greatly reduce exposure to damaging noise levels. Consumers have also discovered the advantages of sound-isolation, making these earphones popular for personal listening.

While some musicians choose expensive custom-made products, the most beneficial solution is affordable, super-high-fidelity earphones that are virtually invisible and require no custom molding. To create second-generation SE products that deliver on this promise, Shure partnered with Essential.

Creating a best-in-market solution required juggling complex and conflicting requirements. Custom-molded earphones achieve comfort and near invisible appearance by being molded to fit an individual’s ear shape. But because ear shapes vary dramatically, achieving the same results in a universal-fit product is much more difficult. Developing a single, robust mechanical platform for a variety of models with different price points and different internal components only adds to the challenge.

Essential began with a thorough analysis of ear geometries that leveraged 3D scanning data from hundreds of subjects. We also conducted a series of user studies to assess fit ergonomics and identify the key geometric influencers of fit, comfort, and sound isolation. We then refined the form of each of the five products in the line to make them work for the broadest user population possible.

Essential’s team also re-architected the mechanical configuration of the earphone chassis, reducing part count and increasing robustness and ease-of-assembly in the process. We also introduced new approaches to finishes, sealing, and shock isolation, which markedly improved drop related shock damage.

The new Shure SE Series has been recognized by the industry for its best-in-class performance, sound isolation and rugged durability – all hallmarks of the Shure brand.

“Most durable and rugged IEM (universal or custom) ever made.” –
“The fit and comfort of the SE535 are simply awesome.” –
“The best in-ear listening devices that money can buy.” – FitTechnica