Technology Commercialization

Transforming core technologies into solutions that deliver in the real world.

Realizing a competitive advantage often requires tailoring a product’s core technologies to achieve a specific set of system goals. We help clients evaluate their core technologies and transform them into solutions that deliver in the real world – targeting cost, usability, reliability and repeatability at scale.

Perhaps you’ve demonstrated high-level feasibility with a bench-top prototype, but if your final product is to be successful in the market, its core technology will need to be reduced in size, weight, and cost, while improving the performance across a range of reasonable manufacturing tolerances. And perhaps it also needs to be more efficient to run on batteries and still be truly portable.

Before developing a production design, our Engineering team frequently helps clients prepare their chosen core technologies for integration into a final product by assessing those technologies for production readiness and crafting a plan to optimize them for commercialization.

From assessing the fundamental science underlying a technology, to developing test platforms and protocols to optimize all critical parameters of a system, to miniaturizing and cost reducing core components to better align with your product’s requirements, Essential can help you establish a strong technical foundation for your product’s success in the marketplace.