Designing Connected Products

Well-designed connected / IoT products and digital platforms create powerful customer and brand value.

A well-mapped connected product strategy illustrates the unique customer experience value you will provide and it acts as a roadmap for development. The thoughtfully designed experience platform, and the tangible physical and digital products that embody your strategy are the tools that empower customers.

Great connected / IoT products & systems are complex to design because multiple development agendas must be simultaneously integrated: data needs to become valuable information, data visualizations have to be clear, the digital user experience has to be simple yet complete, the physical product design and architecture has to be right, and access for all stakeholders has to be easy, reliable, robust, and secure.

Our unique experience designing and launching innovative smart products and systems has changed the way people think and work: changing companies’ business models and disrupting markets in the process.


We help companies address connected product design questions about:

Product Requirements

How can we uncover the unmet usability and technical needs of all potential users of our product so we’re sure to design the most valuable product for the market?

Digital Requirements

What requirements should the digital user experience fulfill and what underlying technologies should we use to enable it?

Market Viability

Will our product strategy, and concept embodiment, be compelling and competitive on every level in our market?

Product Launch

What product features and functions must we introduce at launch and what can we roll out over time?

We design connected / IoT products & systems that deliver value on multiple levels, helping you:

  1. Design and engineer technically-elegant smart products and connected digital experiences for your customers.
  2. Launch innovative and best-in-class connected / IoT products faster while hitting design goals.
  3. Address usability on every level to ensure the products you release into the market will resonate with your target audience(s).
  4. Create new revenue opportunities, leveraging digital channels, data analysis, and customer behavior patterns to offer the right solution at the right time.

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