Industrial Design

We design elegantly crafted products that are simple, useful, and desirable. By applying our craft in market contexts, we deliver solutions that empower end users, energize the channel, and strengthen businesses.

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Envisioning Opportunities

We transform strategic insights into focused product concepts by challenging current thinking, exploring innovation possibilities, and visualizing potential solutions. Our goal is helping clients clearly see and choose the path that best expresses their vision.

  • Use Case Development
  • Competitive Analysis
  • Design Theme Illustration

Giving Form to Strategy

By understanding the business and market, the technology possibilities, and end user needs and goals, we design and deliver products that speak to customers, express the brand, and deliver business value.

  • Concept Exploration
  • Physical Product Design
  • Conceptual Engineering

Defining Details

We design every detail to reinforce the product message. The form, features, materials, color, and finishes must attract attention, have the right feel, make the appropriate statement, and prove to have long-lasting value.

  • CMF Exploration
  • Materials Analysis
  • Mechanical Engineering

Designing for Usability

Our human-centered approach is at the center of our process. We design for the way people perceive, think, and act. We work to balance the emotional, rational, and physical dimensions of ideal product experiences.

  • Feature Exploration
  • Product Configuration
  • User Research

Creating Brand Equity

We believe that products are the most powerful vehicles for brand expression. We help companies establish design languages to express their vision and values through consistent visual cues and interaction protocols applied across product lines, categories, and complete product offerings.

  • Design Language
  • Portfolio Optimization
  • Product Line Logic