Commercializing Innovation

Innovation fuels growth. However, identifying the right idea and turning it into a commercial success is challenging. That’s hard work that we make easier.

Not every idea in your innovation pipeline has the makings of a viable commercial offering that is valuable to your end customer. Whether you’re looking to commercialize new technologies, extend physical product portfolios, develop digital tools that will expand your value proposition, or launch new adjacent service offerings, identifying and refining early concepts and then measuring those concepts against defined success metrics will help you narrow the field of opportunity to ensure only the most valuable ideas get your team’s attention.

Additionally, innovation originates from many places at your company, and new ideas affect lots of people on a variety of teams – product management, sales, marketing, and operations. Every person along an idea’s path to commercial launch can be an influencer of success, so it’s critical that the new idea be conceptualized, visualized and socialized in a way that encourages all internal stakeholders to rally behind it.

Once identified, driving the right idea to market requires process rigor and focused cross-functional collaboration to transform them into products that deliver in the real world. This ensures that the final solution hits target costs, usability requirements, reliability metrics, and can be repeated at scale.


We help companies commercialize innovation by answering questions about:

Evolving / Future Markets

What will our market look like in 1, 2 or 3 years and how will our target customer’s behavior or preferences change?

Business Impact

What features and investments (technology, data infrastructure, operations, etc.) should we make available at launch to create a sustained competitive advantage beyond the MVP?

Market Adoption

What barriers to purchase will exist and how should we address customer needs in order to overcome those barriers and accelerate adoption?

Brand Value

How can we ensure that our new offering enables us to connect with our customers on a deeper level and deliver added value to them that exceeds their expectations?

We turn great ideas into commercial successes by helping you:

  1. Chart competitive trajectories and identify likely new offerings from current and emerging competitors.
  2. Filter out the noise from your innovation pipeline in order to focus your efforts on the most promising ideas, opportunity spaces and trends.
  3. Qualitatively and quantitatively understand your target customer audience to inform your launch strategy and ensure you are adequately addressing buyer requirements.
  4. Design and engineer products and services within a replicable framework that enables you to sustainably scale the offering beyond the initial launch with limited business disruption.
  5. Build in data-derived intelligence and feedback loops that can be used to fine tune the next generation of features and deliver even more valuable performance to your customers.

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