Essential Ventures: Designing New Businesses

Essential Ventures partners with organizations and entrepreneurs to bring new and promising technologies to market. Leveraging broad design, development, and business experience, we give form to value hidden in intellectual property.


A New Approach

We clarify value propositions, prototype, and test user-centered design solutions at the start. We then customize success strategies and develop physical and digital products as commercially viable embodiments of the venture’s vision. Our flexible partnership model makes our services attractive to startups. Sharing both risks and rewards, we have a vested interest in your success.


Needs First, Technologies Second

We exist because design is under-leveraged in new business creation. Comprehensive design processes uncover needs, shape technologies, and frame new business offerings. Viewing technology as an enabling engine: we interpret technology to tell powerful stories, which can help secure capital and drive compelling solutions to market.


A Creative & Innovative Core Team

We design and manage partner relationships, accessing expertise from internal and external strategic contributors to create high-performance, end-product focused teams. For ventures that we engage with, we can leverage our existing client network to facilitate strategic partnerships for pilots and to scale up.

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Case Studies

Our business innovation work leverages insights gained from cross-industry project experiences.




Working at the intersection of social trends and technology development, we see opportunities that often go undetected.



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